Vince Mease
Product Manager
UX Interaction Designer
No-Code Automator

Lisa App

Director of Product Management & User Experience

Project Summary

The Lisa App platform's mission is to connect the consumers of personal services with the providers of those services. Beta launching in the greater Chicago-land area with a focus on beauty and wellness services (hair, skin, nails, massage), the platform facilitated nearly one thousand appointments between consumers and providers offering hair, nail, massage, and esthetician services during the first two operational quarters (Q1/Q2 2016). Work on the project commenced 02/2015. I lead the founding partners and engineering team through product discovery, usability testing on various prototypes, and finally the release of our web, iOS, and Android apps.


  • Customer journey maps
  • Wireframes (Sketch)
  • Prototypes (
  • User story maps ( and Jira)
  • Functional application flows (Omnigraffle and yEd diagrams)


When analyzing various business metrics of the beauty and wellness industry, it quickly becomes obvious that it is broken. This is particularly apparent when looking at the consumer/service provider relationship. Conservative estimates suggest annual revenue of $60+ billion on haircuts and massage alone. Yet, two significant problems exist that we can solve with the LISA platform.

Service provider income

While service providers own the loyalty in the consumer relationship, they typically leave 60% or more of their transaction revenue to the salon or spa. This results in providers working multiple jobs in excess of full time employment while only achieving approximately $23,000/year in income on average. That's not far from the poverty line.

Market share

Shockingly, the top 50 players control a mere 15% of the annual revenue. This indicates significant inefficiencies exist and thus opportunities to exploit as any given brand, often decades old, has a difficult time executing on plans to consolidate market power and achieve economies of scale in the digital/mobile age.For the consumer, while a plethora of choice initially appears to be a benefit, the business and brand churn symptomatic of this environment make it difficult to build trust and maintain a growing relationship over time with developing brands.‍


The LISA App platform solves these problems by creating an open marketplace bringing consumers and providers together.

Service provider interface

Service providers build a simple profile using the native mobile app consisting of their service menu, prices, schedule, studio location(s), photo/portfolio gallery, reviews, and ratings from previous clients.Pricing and scheduling are particularly important. Unlike other services in the beauty and wellness space, and even when compared to other "gig economy" stalwarts like Uber, LISA does not dictate price nor work hours. This affords the company two main benefits. First, we live up to our mission of being an open platform by creating an environment in which the most competitive providers rise to the top. Second, it maintains the necessary legal and financial relationships required to ensure that providers are considered independent contractors on the platform, not employees.

Consumer interface

For the consumer, LISA App functions as an intuitive search engine for the supported personal services. The consumer simply selects whether they want Hair, Skin, Massage, or Nail services, the date and time they would like the appointment, and whether they want a typical salon experience or if the provider to travel to them (home, office, hotel, etc). Once the provider is selected, scheduling, appointment tracking, and payment all occur in the app as provider and consumer interact during the appointment life cycle.